For la Trentina, communication means closing the gap between those cultivating the soil and those who buy our produce.

We are therefore eager participants in a variety of events. Our aim is to transmit the passion that we feel for each piece of fruit and our deep love for our local area. We also strive to communicate how we work, sharing common knowledge and experience on a daily basis to get the very best out of our fruit.

Our sales office makes great efforts to promote our brand as a single local entity, strengthening our overall image. It puts ever greater care into our ad campaigns and restyling of our Botteghe la Trentina outlets, careful selecting our participation in events and projects which reflect the core values inspiring all of us in our daily work.
Consorzio la Trentina S.C.C. - Organizzazione Produttori - Via Brennero, 322 - 38121 Trento, Italia
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